Rush Hour Rewards for Nest Owners! - Carolina Country
July 2019

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives and Blue Ridge Energy are partnering with Nest smart home thermostats to offer the Rush Hour Rewards program.

This demand response program complements the cooperative’s Beat The Peak effort to control wholesale power costs during high demand periods when extreme peaks in electricity usage are occurring. These efforts benefit all members by helping keep rates lower.

Rush Hour Rewards participants receive a one-time $50 bill credit just for signing up for the program! Nest owners need not do anything further than register their thermostat directly with Nest. Upon joining the program, the thermostat adjusts heating and cooling when Blue Ridge Energy calls a Beat The Peak event. This typically occurs on only the hottest summer afternoons, between 2 pm and 7 pm. Rush Hour Rewards limits controls to no more than four consecutive hours at a time and no more than three days a week. Nest owners retain the ability to change their temperature settings at all times.

Sign up to receive Beat The Peak alerts, and you will be notified of an upcoming peak usage period. These are a few critical hours when people are using the most electricity, all at the same time (typically only a few of the hottest weekday summer afternoons or coldest winter mornings).  Participants then voluntarily reduce their electricity usage during the peak period. Simple steps help!

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