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Attention Nest owners! Don't delay—space is limited! August 2019
Attention Nest owners! Don't delay—space is limited!
August 2019

If you’re a Nest smart thermostat owner or thinking about purchasing one, you can receive a $50 credit on your electric bill when you join the Rush Hour Rewards program!

Blue Ridge Energy is now participating in this program offered by the manufacturer. When you sign up, it allows us to remotely adjust your thermostat by a few degrees during Beat The Peak periods. This helps control wholesale power cost for all members by “leveling out” high demand for electricity on the hottest summer afternoons.

If you participate all summer, you’ll get an additional $10 bill credit!

You always have the final say in your home’s temperature. You can change your thermostat setting at any time by using your smart thermostat’s wall unit or smart phone app.

A smart thermostat helps decrease your overall air and heating energy bills by learning your schedule and automatically adjusting your temperature to an energy-efficient setting. The $50 Rush Hour Reward, and the additional $10 for participating all summer, are a bonus for using your Nest thermostat to help keep rates low for all members!

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