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Tips to lower your bill November 2017
Tips to lower your bill
November 2017
Cold Weather Outside

Higher bills can result from heating and increased use of lighting, appliances and electronics since the days are shorter and more time is spent indoors. To lower your winter electric bills, Blue Ridge Energy offers the following tips:

Be energy efficient

Simple steps help! Set thermostats to the lowest comfortable level (try 68 degrees for winter). Open curtains to let in the sun’s heat and close them at night. Only run full loads in dishwashers and clothes washers (and use cold water when possible.) Limit shower times to reduce hot water usage. Turn off unnecessary lights.


You control your payment schedule and amounts with FlexPay! Pay in smaller amounts whenever you like, by phone, kiosk or online. Maintain a positive account balance to keep electricity flowing, or make a payment to recharge your account.

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Budget Billing

Equalize your payments for 11 months. In the 12th month, your account is “evened up” with a final payment billed or credit applied.

Help paying your bill

  • Get a three-day extension by using our self-help telephone service or online at For $10, you can avoid late or reconnection fees accumulating on unpaid bills.
  • If you need more time, call us to discuss an individualized payment arrangement plan.
  • For more extensive help, call your local social services agency to see if you qualify for special assistance such as Operation Round Up® or state and federal crisis assistance programs.

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