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November 2017
November 2017
Community Commitment

As a member of Piedmont Electric, you are a vital part of our cooperative’s success. When we work together, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us and build a better community.

We have developed the Helping Hand Foundation to provide more financial support for community programs and increase our assistance to those in need throughout our service area.

What is the Helping Hand Foundation?

Earlier this year, Project Helping Hand was updated from a program within our cooperative’s operations into a stand-alone foundation. This update also included a name change to the Piedmont Electric Helping Hand Foundation.

The Helping Hand Foundation gives Piedmont Electric and its members the power to support community projects including aid for members in need, funds for Bright Ideas grants for teachers, college scholarships, youth programs and other charitable outreach.

Recent changes to the Helping Hand Foundation

As of October 2017, we began an automatic enrollment in the funding of the foundation. All enrolled members’ bills are rounded up to the nearest dollar to contribute to the fund.

For example, if your monthly energy bill came to $85.75, we would round your bill up to $86.00 and donate $0.25 to the fund. On average, a member will donate around $6.00 per year, although your contribution could range from $0.00 to a maximum of $11.88 per year.

Opt out of the Helping Hand Foundation at any time

We understand that some of our members may want the option to opt out of supporting the Helping Hand Foundation. We’ve made it easy to opt out of the program at any time or receive a full refund of any donated funds. To opt out, call 800.222.3107 or visit If you have already contacted us and requested out of the program, your bill will not be rounded up.

As your local electric co-op, it is our mission to improve our members’ quality of life. Thank you for helping us continue to make our community a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Learn more about Piedmont Electric's Helping Hand Foundation

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