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How to safely set up your home for an electric vehicle (EV) May 2018
How to safely set up your home for an electric vehicle (EV)
May 2018

More and more people are jumping on the opportunity to own an electric vehicle and reduce their environmental impact. With May being National Electrical Safety Month, we’re sharing some tips on how to safely set up your home for an electric vehicle (EV).

Home charging is so convenient for EV owners that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 80 percent of owners choose this method as opposed to charging at stations away from home. If you’re an EV owner or are considering purchasing an EV, it’s important to learn the safest way to power-up at home and that starts with planning your home-charging setup.

Plan your setup

Most EV charging is as easy as picking the closest outlet and plugging in your car, but it’s important to contact us at 800.222.3107 if you purchase an EV or a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). We can ensure our equipment is set up to properly handle the new high-volume energy usage of your vehicle.

Hire an electrician

If your EV charging cord does not reach the outlet or you’d like to upgrade to a Level 2 charger, you’ll need to have a licensed electrician install a new circuit in your garage, carport or driveway.

Acquire a permit

As Level 2 EV chargers must comply with local, state and national codes and regulations, you may need to acquire a permit before your electrician begins installation. Permit request forms can be found on your county’s website. Before your electrician installs a Level 2 charger or modifies your electrical system, notify Piedmont Electric by calling 800.222.3107.

As a Piedmont Electric member, you can save money on your bill with our Electric Vehicle Time-of-Day rate by charging your EV overnight. For more about this rate, go to

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