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June 2018

We know the price you pay for electricity is important to you, and as your co-op, we take steps every day to ensure we’re delivering quality service at an affordable price to you and your family. To learn more about how we save you money and keep costs down, we spoke with our member services, accounting, engineering and operations departments.

Member services

Susan Cashion – VP, Chief Compliance & Administrative Officer

Our peak reduction programs are managed by our member and energy services departments and are designed to help both you and your co-op save money. Your cooperative has saved millions of dollars in wholesale power costs by reducing our loads during peak times through our time-of-day rates and load management programs. Our energy efficiency and renewable loan program, free home energy audits and efficient HVAC system rebates can also lower members’ energy cost. We are always developing new programs such as our new electric vehicle time-of-day rate and our smart thermostat savings program to help members keep money in their pockets. We enjoy showing our members how to lower their electric bill!


Lisa Kennedy – VP, Financial Services

The accounting department helps control costs by monitoring interest rates to ensure Piedmont Electric borrows at the lowest interest rate available. Just like you pay interest on your car or home loan, when we borrow money to pay for new services and make necessary upgrades, we pay interest too. When interest rates are low, we save money. We evaluate all refinancing opportunities, and if beneficial, we will refinance old loans to new, lower rates. The lower the interest rate, the less we must pay back.


Larry Hopkins – VP, Engineering

The engineering department is responsible for system improvements such as the construction of substations and transmission lines. New substations are occasionally necessary because of new members moving into our communities, which increases the load on the existing substation. Other times, the substation upgrade is required because the equipment has aged and must be replaced. Before we begin work on a big project like this, we competitively bid the equipment, material and labor. This way, we get the best price possible.


Robert Riley – VP, Operations

The operations department continually inspects and replaces equipment before it damages other equipment on the line, which saves us money. We also have a right-of-way and vegetation management program that is on a regular rotation schedule to minimize the cost associated with equipment and line damage, which is crucial to the cooperative’s goal of low cost.

Piedmont Electric is committed to keeping your energy bill low. Here are some more steps you can take to help lower your electricity bill.

Lower your bill

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