Preparation and Awareness are Keys for Farm Electrical Safety - Carolina Country
June 2021

Farm operators, family members, and farm employees are urged to take these measures:

  • Use a spotter when moving tall loads near lines.
  • Inspect farm equipment for transport height, and determine clearance with any power lines under which the equipment must pass.
  • Start each morning by planning your day’s work. Know what jobs will happen near power lines and have a plan to keep the assigned workers safe.
  • Use care when raising augers or the bed of a grain truck. It can be difficult to estimate distance, and sometimes, a power line is closer than it looks. Use a spotter to make certain you stay far away from power lines.
  • Always lower equipment extensions, portable augers, or elevators to their lowest possible level, under 14 feet, before moving or transporting them. Wind, uneven ground, shifting weight, or other conditions can cause you to lose control of equipment and make contact with power lines.
  • Never attempt to raise or move a power line to clear a path. If power lines near your property have sagged over time, call your utility to repair them.
  • Don’t use metal poles when breaking up bridged grain inside and around bins.

Keeping it safe at home

Just as it is important for our employees to work safely around electricity, it is equally important for cooperative members to live and play safely around electricity. Here are a few important safety tips when it comes to electricity.

Safety tips

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