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It’s no secret that we value your input March 2022
It’s no secret that we value your input
March 2022

In an effort to understand our members’ viewpoints on the key drivers of member satisfaction, you may have received a phone call or online survey requesting your participation in the 2021 Cooperative Difference Survey. This survey was conducted at the request of Pee Dee Electric by Cooperative Insights, a cooperatively owned market research organization, in partnership with Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

Chris Spears

Donnie Spivey, CEO and Executive Vice President

The study consisted of gathering opinions from a random selection of cooperative members who voluntarily chose to complete the survey either online or by phone. The collected information was then analyzed to determine our cooperative’s strengths and identify improvement opportunities. The study also compares our scores to the performances of cooperatives nationwide on key performance metrics. 

Superior levels of service, industry-leading scores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®), and outstanding performance ratings on the core services we provide our members have always been a trademark for rural electric cooperatives. In this study, Pee Dee Electric scored an ACSI® score of 88, scoring significantly higher than the averages for utilities in North Carolina and nationwide. The results of the 2021 survey indicate that Pee Dee Electric continues to be highly regarded by our members. Your feedback will continue to assist the cooperative as we prepare for new initiatives, make improvements to our existing co-op programs and implement strategies to improve service to our members.

While our top priority is providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy, we also strive to be a catalyst for good in our community. Pee Dee Electric is a firm believer that you, our members, need to be at the heart of everything we do. That is why we have always strived to improve the lives of our members while keeping you informed of bill payment options, maintaining open lines of communication, and valuing your input. Anytime we receive constructive feedback, we use it to better serve our members.

At Pee Dee Electric, we are always eager to hear from you. We value your feedback, whether you text us, respond to a survey or social media post, send an email, or simply stop by and chat in person. Connecting with you helps us keep pace with our members and community’s priorities and needs. When you have questions about energy efficiency, electrical service, or any of our products or services, just ask us. When we know what you want, we are better positioned to deliver successful results. So, drop in and see us. We are always glad to hear from you.

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