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Reaching out to your cooperative is simple and rewarding January 2021
Reaching out to your cooperative is simple and rewarding
January 2021

When we say that we live in a “connected” world, most of us think about technology, like our smart phones and other devices and gadgets. But when you’re a member of an electric co-op, there’s so much more to being part of our connected co-op community.

As a member of Pee Dee Electric, you help to power good in our local community through initiatives like Care to Share that help local non-profit organizations that provide critical services to our communities.

We depend on you because you power our success, and when Pee Dee Electric does well, the community thrives because we’re all connected.

We greatly value our connection to you, the members we serve. And we’d like to help you maximize the value you can get from Pee Dee Electric through a variety of programs, products and services that we offer our members. For example, we offer rebates for members when they purchase new electric water heaters, heat pumps, and/or electric vehicles.

When you download our PeeDeePower app (on the Apple app store or on Google Play), you can monitor and manage your home energy use, pay your bill online and access a menu of additional options for potential savings and more.

When you follow Pee Dee Electric on social media (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), you can stay up to date on power restoration efforts, community engagement efforts, giveaways and more. You’ll also see photos of our line crews in action and our employees helping with community service projects — and who doesn’t enjoy seeing good things happening in our community!

By connecting with us, you can get real-time updates from your co-op. Whether you get your information from our newsletter in your copy of Carolina Country or our monthly electronic newsletter, that’s why we want to make sure we have your most current contact information on hand. If we can’t connect with you on these platforms or in person, you could miss out on potential savings or essential information.

By connecting with us, you can get real-time updates from your co-op.

Pee Dee Electric relies on data for nearly every aspect of our operations, and up-to-date contact information from our members helps ensure that we can provide the highest level of service that you expect and deserve.

Updated contact information can even speed up the power restoration process during an outage. That’s because when you call to report an outage, our automated system recognizes your phone number and matches it with your account location. We also use your contact information to communicate with members about planned outages in your area so you can plan activities around those times we are making important upgrades to our electric system.

As we move into 2021, we hope you will connect with us whenever and wherever you can — whether that means attending our annual meeting, providing feedback on a recent visit or call with our employees, or simply downloading our app.

Pee Dee Electric exists to serve our members, and when we’re better connected to you and our local community, we’re better prepared to answer the call.

We look forward to connecting with you!

To update your contact information or to learn more about co-op products and services that can help you save, visit pdemc.com or call 1-800-992-1626.

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