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November 2017
November 2017
Electric Vehicle

The appeal of electric vehicles is gaining momentum. The push for greater mileage in terms of MPG that began in the second half of the last century has been joined by the push for greater miles per charge. Thanks to the electric cooperative movement, electricity is available everywhere in the U.S. The majority of roads are also paved and environmental concerns are increasing awareness.

There is still a major concern limiting EV growth, though, dubbed “range anxiety.” This stems from the limited range of all EVs. While the Tesla offering provides 270 miles for their all-wheel drive model and 355 miles on their standard models, that pales in comparison to most internal combustion cars. And, the lack of a rapid charging infrastructure is an ongoing impediment.

Fortunately, advances in battery technology are hammering away at the range issue. Range is steadily expanding and battery management systems are squeezing out more miles. At the same time, more companies and utilities are installing efficient charging stations at their places of business and in popular public locations.

Range anxiety notwithstanding, EVs have a bright future. Prices are dropping and range is expanding so owners can confidently drive nearly everywhere with a little bit of planning.

If you’ve never driven an electric vehicle, you are in for a treat. While an internal combustion engine must rev up to speed, an EV has full power at its disposal instantly. Of course, there are limits on this 0-60 mph capability to prevent inexperienced and over-eager drivers from launching themselves into accidents and speeding tickets. They are quiet, well-appointed inside and allow you to forever bypass the lines at the gas station—unless you are in need of some snacks and a slushy.

If you do purchase an EV, be sure to let your electric cooperative know. The service to your home is sized to meet the demands of your house as they existed when service was connected, so adding the EV charger creates a risk of overloading the wires and transformers powering your home.

Member-owners of Randolph EMC who own a PEV now have the opportunity to participate in the cooperative’s new REMC Electric Vehicle Utility Program (REVUP™) pilot program. This two-fold program offers up to 25 members a $500 rebate incentive toward the purchase of a Wi-Fi enabled Level 2 charging station, as well as the three-tiered time-of-use Plug N2 Savings rate to encourage charging during off-peak times.

Call us at 1-800-672-8212 to join the REVUP pilot program or

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