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Youth Tour Winner Kristen Jensen April 2021
Youth Tour Winner Kristen Jensen
April 2021

Each summer Randolph EMC joins other cooperatives around the nation to choose 1,600 of our nation’s brightest students to participate in the annual Youth Tour. Traditionally in this educational program, students converge on Washington, D.C., to learn about American history and the electric cooperative business model. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this program to a virtual event, with students interacting with each other and our members of Congress online.

This year Randolph EMC awarded the honor to Kristen Jensen, a Uwharrie Charter Academy eleventh grader. Kristen’s outstanding service to her community, stellar academic record, and sports achievements made her an excellent choice for this enriching experience. As REMC’s Youth Tourist, Kristen will be eligible for national and state scholarships. We are proud to introduce Kristen, in her own words, to our members and to honor her for her many accomplishments.

I found out about the Youth Tour by listening to my Mom. She was reading Carolina Country magazine and came across it. She suggested I apply for it and see where it led.

My favorite subject is a toss-up between History and English. I love how much History entails all the small little details that add up to where we are now. In recent years, I’ve come to love English. I like to put words together and come up with a beautiful story.

As a student athlete, my favorite sport is basketball. I began to play when I was five years old. I have a very competitive drive, and I see every competition as an opportunity to strive to do better. This sport has given me lifelong friends and has taught me always to be willing to learn and grow.

My teachers and friends say I am unique because I try to actively listen to the thoughts and opinions of others and take that into consideration before forming my own opinion. I think it’s important to see all views and beliefs before making an informed decision.

I got involved with the Ulah Volunteer Fire Department because my dad has been a volunteer fire fighter for twenty years and has been with Ulah for quite some time now. Watching his commitment and the service and sacrifice of other fire fighters inspired me to apply to be a Junior Fire Fighter at age 16. I have so much respect for our first responders, who have such a burning passion to serve their community, and they keep us all safe and protected. I definitely want to continue to be a part of this service.

In college, I want to study Biology or Biomedical Sciences because I want to go to medical school and later pursue a career of pediatric surgery.

Young people can make this world a better place by working together to come up with cures for social problems like global warming, hunger, homelessness, and inequal opportunities. We have a responsibility to use our minds collectively to conquer these problems and turn them into issues of the past.

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