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June 2021

Capital credits are one of the core differences between co-ops and investor-owned utilities. Because members enjoy ownership of the company, each year they receive a share of the co-op’s net margins—the amount of money that is left over after paying all expenses for the year. The cooperative refers to these shares as capital credits.

Randolph EMC’s net margins totaled $4,206,704 at the close of 2020. This amount has been disbursed among the capital credit accounts of members who had an active electric account during 2020. Each member’s share is based on a percentage of $4,206,704, determined by the total amount of energy purchased for the year.

Remember, the refund you may have received in April that included capital credits from 2020 only represents a portion of 2020’s total allocation.

Calculate Your Allocation

1Add together all the energy-related charges from each monthly electric bill you received in 2020.

2Add together the totals from each month’s bill obtained in Step 1 to find the total for the year.

3Multiply this total by 0.066752. This will give you the capital credits amount allocated to your account for 2020.

Help Us Find Former Members

You can help us find former members who may have an outstanding capital credits check by visiting If you recognize a name on the list, please ask that person to call the local Randolph EMC office to update their contact information.

Curious about capital credits?

Capital credits are at the heart of the Cooperative Difference. Randolph EMC provides our members with "at-cost" service, which means we don't exist to earn a profit. Investor-owned utilities, on the other hand, maximize profits with the purpose of paying dividends to their stockholders. At a cooperative, members—not stockholders—are owners of the business.

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