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July 2021

Camping is an outdoor leisure activity that many people take advantage of during the summer season.  As with all summer fun, being safe needs to be a priority.

Tragically, in the summer of 2014, a three-year-old boy was electrocuted as a result of faulty wiring that electrified the family’s camper. The child was touching a door handle of the camper while standing on wet ground when he was electrocuted.

When an RV frame is electrically charged, it is often referred to as “hot skin.” Improper wiring or connection, no grounding, reversed polarity, and loose or worn outlets are just some of the potential causes. If a hot skin hazard exists, simply opening the door or coming into contact with the hitch can cause shock or electrocution.

To help prevent hot skin, your RV’s electrical system should be regularly tested and maintained. A professional electrician can help you make sure the wiring in your RV is safe.

Here are some other electrical safety tips to take along on any trip that involves RV camping.

  • Perform a visual inspection to make sure cords, plugs, and outlets are not cracked, frayed or broken.
  • Make sure RVs are equipped with fire extinguishers, as well as permanently installed carbon-monoxide and fire detectors.
  • Always plug your RV into a campground power pedestal using a heavy duty, four-wire cord with a grounding wire, not an extension cord.
  • Never plug more than one RV into a single hook-up. As with a generator, plug your RV in before turning appliances on.
  • Know the amperage your RV draws and the amperage available. If you try to draw more amperage than is available, you can cause serious damage to the electrical source and your RV. You could even start a fire. Also make sure you know where your electrical panel and major switches are.
Source: SafeElectricity.org

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