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September 2022

Did you know that National Voter Registration Day is September 20? The November 8 midterm elections are right around the corner.

While Randolph Electric is a locally-owned cooperative, we’re part of a larger network of electric co-ops. Together, we are working to enhance the political strength of electric co-ops and boost voter turnout. There’s power in numbers, and when we all show up at the polls, we can voice the issues that matter most to our community.

If you’re looking to get involved or simply make sure you’re ready to vote, here are some easy ways you can exercise your civic duty.

1Check your voter registration status. In North Carolina, you can check your voter registration on the State Board of Elections website. The site will also detail your Election Day polling place, your congressional district and other jurisdictions.

2Get informed. After ensuring your registration is up to date, learning about local policy issues and candidates is one of the best ways you can prepare to vote.

3Vote! It’s the easiest and most important way you can exercise your civic duty. Voting is a form of personal empowerment that gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on the issues that matter most to you. Make a plan to vote this fall.

Check your status

Search for voter details, including jurisdictions, polling place, sample ballot when available, and absentee ballot information on the State Board of Elections website.

Check your status

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