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February 2018
February 2018

You’ve probably noticed solar panels on top of homes and seen a solar farm here or there. If you have considered solar as a part of your home’s energy mix—but have been discouraged by high installation costs or maintenance requirements—REMC’s SunPath Community Solar® program makes solar energy easily accessible for you!

The community solar model is easy to understand. At the end of 2015, Randolph EMC built a 100 kW solar array on a lot behind the Asheboro headquarters. These are available to members to purchase the energy produced by one or more solar panels. The energy is distributed to the power grid and SunPath participants receive credit on their electric bills for the number of panels in their subscription.

Here are three reasons you’ll love community solar:

1 SunPath Community Solar costs less than installing a solar system at your home or business. Two subscription options are available for members:
Full-Term: One-time fee of $491, production credit for 240 months
Monthly: $2.85 per month, production credit each month, one-year commitment

2 If you are a homeowner, participating in community solar keeps you from having to worry about zoning restrictions or appealing to your homeowners’ association. If you don’t own your home, not to worry. Renters can participate, too!

3 Participating in a community solar program also eliminates maintenance costs and concerns that can be a hassle for those who own and maintain their own residential solar system. With community solar, Randolph EMC takes care of installation, maintenance and insurance fees, making it easy for members to participate.

To learn more about SunPath Community Solar, call 1-800-672-8212 or

Learn More at RandolphEMC.com

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