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with High Usage Alerts May 2018
with High Usage Alerts
May 2018

Did you know that you can set up alert notifications to make you aware of high usage on your account? Our High Energy Usage Alert could come in handy if you have a heat pump or well pump issue that could drastically increase your monthly electric bill. No one wants a surprise like that!

Don’t Let Your Energy Usage “Creep Up” Without Knowing About It

With the sweltering temperatures of summer just around the corner, we all know that seasonal fluctuations in temperature and other things like hosting guests and cooking can increase electric bills. “The value of the High Energy Usage Alert is that it catches something you might normally miss—like that malfunctioning heat pump, before it runs your monthly electric bill sky high,” says Paul Caviness, REMC’s Manager of Energy Services.

Daily Usage and Dollars

The High Energy Usage Alert notifies members when their daily energy usage exceeds the dollar amount that they have set up. “Members will need to be familiar with their monthly bills and how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) they use per month on average,” says Caviness. “Once members know that amount, the next step is to calculate how much their daily usage equates in dollars by dividing their average monthly bill amount by 30 to get the average dollar cost per day.”

It’s important for members not to set the threshold so close to the average usage that they might receive alerts too often, though. The idea is to be notified when your usage is above the average, which could translate into a higher-than-normal bill.

What Happens if I Receive an Alert?

If high usage alert notifications are received consistently for a few days, and seasonal temperature fluctuations can be ruled out, it is time to investigate further. These are the top three things that can typically cause a spike in usage and should be checked by a licensed technician:

  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Electric water heaters
  • Well pumps/water system leaks

Why not take time now to set up a High Usage Alert?

Log in to your account at our website, RandolphEMC.com, and update your settings under the My Alerts tab. You may select one or all three options—text, email, and push notifications.

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