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Update Your Contact Information with Randolph EMC February 2019
Update Your Contact Information with Randolph EMC
February 2019

Having your current phone numbers on file with REMC is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on important communication!

Location ID

If Randolph EMC doesn’t have the correct phone number linked to your location, it becomes much more difficult for you to report an outage. At REMC, we use the phone numbers you provide to link your service address to our outage-management system. This system instantly logs an outage at your service address and helps predict the possible cause of an outage, making it easier for our crews to correct the problem and restore your power.


Keeping the co-op updated with your contact info ensures you’ll receive advance notification of any planned outages that will affect your location. It also helps us when there’s a question about energy use or billing. If we can easily reach you, any discrepancies on your account don’t have time to become big problems, and they can be taken care of promptly.

Add your email too!

While you’re updating your phone numbers, make sure your current email addresses are added to your account to receive notifications and important news in this way, as well!

You can update your info online at or give us a quick call at 1-800-672-8212 (Asheboro) or 1-800-868-7014 (Robbins) to have a Member Service Specialist help you.

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