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Thinking globally, living it locally this Earth Day April 2019
Thinking globally, living it locally this Earth Day
April 2019

Each year on April 22, people across the world celebrate the environment and reaffirm commitments to preserving its resources and beauty. The day is a reminder to think globally, but every day, Randolph EMC lives out its commitments locally – right here in the community we share.

As a local business, we are committed to creating a brighter energy future for you and our community. We carry out this mission by delivering electricity that comes from low-carbon sources, including emissions-free nuclear power, as well as renewable resources and natural gas. As technology evolves, so do our options for incorporating new, local energy solutions, like our SunPath Community Solar® farm. Working with other electric co-ops around the state, we’re even exploring the emerging technology of microgrids – a hyper-local power solution. In addition to these power resources, we facilitate programs that you can directly participate in, like our REVUP electric vehicle program, which can help us manage the amount of electric load being added to the home for charging during specific times.

Efficiency is also a priority; yes, the efficient use of electricity, but also of all forms of energy – like the gasoline that powers your car. Randolph EMC is working with its peer cooperatives throughout the state to build a statewide electric vehicle charging network to help make electric vehicle technologies and opportunities available to all electric cooperative consumer-members. Here at home, we have a $500 rebate for installing a residential Level 2 EV charger for REMC electric vehicle drivers.  

Today, in your home, commit to taking simple steps to be more energy efficient. Unplug appliances that are not in use; turn off lights and fans; switch to energy-saving LED light bulbs, and if it’s been more than a few months, change your air filters.

You can find more tips and information about all of our sustainability-focused programs online.


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