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February 2020

The “power of change” has been at work in Randolph EMC’s service territory since 2000, thanks to generous members and the People Helping People (PHP) program.

Our members volunteer to have their monthly electric bills rounded up to the next dollar, with the excess change going to help fellow members who have been met with a hardship that is outside of their control. Each participating member contributes an average of just $6 per year (or about 50 cents per month).

By joining with their neighbors to put their pennies to work for fellow members, PHP participants have helped more than 850 cooperative families across Randolph, Moore, Montgomery, Chatham and Alamance counties since the program began.

PHP also recently established a separate Community Grants program made possible by funds received from CoBank’s Sharing Success matching grant program. Together with a matching donation from Randolph EMC, PHP is able to set aside this money from outside sources to support projects from local non-profit agencies that benefit REMC members.

A board of directors made up of seven volunteer REMC members reviews donation referrals and administers the funds for PHP. The money donated by members’ rounded-up bills goes directly to other members in need.

“PHP was born out of the true cooperative spirit of neighbors working together to help neighbors, and I am happy to serve the membership through the PHP board,” said Debra Vernon, PHP Board President. “I would love to see each and every Randolph Electric member sign up to participate. It’s just pennies a month that we’re donating, but together, we’re making a big difference in the lives of fellow members who are truly in need,” she added.

Participating in PHP is easy!

You can opt into the program by visiting the Services section of your account on the online member service portal on or call your local REMC office for assistance.

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