82nd Annual Meeting - Carolina Country
The new virtual format was a success December 2020
The new virtual format was a success
December 2020

Gary King was the winner of the Jeep Liberty

Randolph EMC held the 2020 Annual Meeting virtually on October 9, 2020. We appreciate all who joined us for the live stream event, and for those who could not, the recording is available for viewing.

Directors Oath

Newly re-elected Directors Bowman, Phillips and Cole are sworn in at the October Board meeting.

Usually scheduled for the third Friday in June, this year’s event was postponed in an effort to assess the impacts of COVID-19. The board voted to continue with the meeting in a virtual format to share an update on the cooperative’s operations. After reports from President Jerry Bowman, Secretary-Treasurer Billy Maness, and CEO Dale Lambert, several prize winners were announced, including member Gary King of Seagrove, who won a Jeep Liberty retired from REMC’s vehicle fleet.

In addition, this year’s change of events required the cooperative to conduct the Director Elections by mail or online voting. More than 3,250 members responded, re-electing District 2 Director Scott Cole, District 4 Director Jerry Bowman, and District 7 Director Tammie Phillips. The Directors were sworn in at the October Board Meeting on October 26.

2020 Annual Meeting

Randolph EMC’s Annual Meeting was presented as a virtual event at 10 a.m. on October 9, 2020. You can watch the recording online.

View the Annual Meeting

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