Highlights from Our 79th Annual Meeting - Carolina Country
December 2018

Fall blew in with force as we had two major hurricanes hit our area within 30 days of each other. Luckily, our members and our system bounced back fairly quickly both times. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to say that for the folks in Florida and other parts of the south. 

While plans were underway for our 79th Annual Meeting, held on October 13, our linemen were busy repairing outages up until the night before. It was unknown if half of our employees would even be able to attend the meeting. It seems as if luck was on our side, as the last outages from Hurricane Michael were restored around 9 p.m. The linemen and support personnel went home that evening to get some sleep so they could report to the annual meeting bright and early the next morning to greet our members! Now that’s dedication!

The weather turned out to be beautiful with our first feel of fall air that morning. The members in attendance enjoyed a complimentary breakfast and entertainment by the Hatley Family, featuring Lauren and Lane. Many of the members took advantage of the health screenings, flu shots, and the energy efficiency demos. During the business meeting, the Co-op’s board election was held and General Manager and Executive Vice President Greg Andress addressed the membership on growth in our service territory and the growth of our membership, and how all of that leads to growth in employees, equipment and facilities to be able to serve. 

To see pictures from the annual meeting, go to our YouTube channel or visit union-power.com/annualmeeting. Also there, you will find a video that was shown to the members during the meeting, providing an update from the past year. 

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