Union Power’s ‘Kid’s Korner’ Creates a Connection with Younger Generation - Carolina Country
February 2019

Capturing the hearts and minds of today’s younger generation is a tough job­—after all, it’s hard to compete with PlayStation games and other high-tech entertainment.

Recognizing the power of the internet, Union Power has updated its section called “Kid’s Korner” at union-power.com. The site is listed under the community section and is designed to help increase interaction with its younger members and adults alike.

Kid’s Korner delivers engaging and informative “energy edu-tainment.” The colorful graphics, puzzles, science experiments, house projects and coloring pages, help kids explore everything from power generation sources, solar, transmission and distribution to electrical safety, energy efficiency and more.

“Kid’s Korner makes learning about energy fun, which encourages children to want to learn more,” said Jake Thomas, manager of marketing and energy services for Union Power. “It also offers opportunities for parent/child and teacher/student interaction and activities.”

Union Power has learned you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy “Kid’s Korner,” just a kid at heart. The site also provides a teacher section with instructor guides and downloadable worksheets. Parents can learn, too; the energy saver check list and the energy survey show ways they can save in the home.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to encourage and educate our children about what we know best, electricity. Kid’s Korner is an excellent vehicle for not only reaching the kids, but adults, too. And it’s a great supplement to our local school involvement and other educational programs,” said Jake Thomas.

You can experience Kid’s Korner yourself by visiting union-power.com.

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