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Co-op Month

Power lines and utility poles weave across Union Power Cooperative’s service territory, connecting members together in a powerful network that delivers energy to homes and businesses. This infrastructure is a visual representation of how Union Power is connected to local landscapes, but our commitment to the community runs deeper than poles, trenches and wires. Union Power Cooperative is investing in teachers, students, families and their futures to better strengthen our communities.

In local classrooms, curious minds are learning new technology, and hands are manipulating science equipment, flipping through books, webpages and creating art, thanks to our Bright Ideas education grants. These grants provide new resources and opportunities to students and teachers. Since 1994, the cooperative has awarded over $340,000 to local educators. Now with more than 20 years of grants in place, generations of students are reaping the benefits.

As a result of our commitment to community, local high school students build leadership skills and experience the power of civic engagement on the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour. Union Power Cooperative sends local students, our future leaders, to Washington, D.C., on this empowering trip every year. These students come back accomplished and inspired to take bold steps toward the future.

Through programs like the USDA’s Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant (REDLG) program, Union Power recently helped Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department in Cabarrus County with purchasing a new pumper truck. This is just another example of our local community engagement and helping give back.

Our Commercial Lighting Rebate program has assisted numerous businesses with modernizing their lighting equipment. For our residential members, Home Energy Audits allow for one-on-one guidance that oftentimes reduces energy consumption and lowers power bills.

At Union Power Cooperative, we do more than supply power. Because we’re local, and owned by you, our members, building communities is core to our mission. That’s why we invest in programs and opportunities that leave a lasting mark on students, parents, towns and our communities.

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