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September 2019

Union Power is taking advantage of driving electric with a new electric vehicle of our own. Join us in celebrating National Drive Electric Week Sept. 14-22, 2019.

Are you curious about electric vehicles, but not quite sure how driving electric will benefit you? Whether your priority is saving money, increasing convenience, helping the environment, or experiencing the latest technology, electric vehicles offer something for everyone.

Significant $ savings.

Powering a car with electricity is cheaper than powering it with gas, so electric vehicles cost less to run. EVs are becoming increasingly affordable to purchase, and tax incentives and rebates can also help reduce their price tag.

More convenience.

Imagine never having to go to the gas station again! Most EV drivers charge overnight. A growing network of public charging stations also makes it increasingly convenient to charge your EV no matter where you’re headed.

A better driving experience.

Electric vehicles are fun to drive, with faster acceleration and a more responsive, zippy feel behind the wheel that offers faster pickup and improved turning power. They are quieter than gasoline-powered cars and come in an increasing range of models and sleek design options that allow you to experience the latest technology.

A healthier environment.

Plug-in electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, which improves air quality and benefits us all. Even when accounting for the generation of the electricity that powers EVs, emissions are lower than those of traditional vehicles.

A more efficient electric grid.

By charging overnight, electric vehicles create demand for power at a time when the grid has historically been most underutilized and therefore least efficient. Electricity is most expensive when demand is highest, and spreading demand across more hours of the day helps flatten those expensive peaks.

Electric Vehicle Incentives

From saving you money to helping protect the environment, electric vehicles offer many advantages over their gasoline-powered counterparts. Learn more about EV incentives from Union Power.

Power your vehicle

Learn more about the many benefits of driving electric by visiting NC Drive Electric.

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