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Important Updates for 2020 September 2020
Important Updates for 2020
September 2020

Last month we announced that due to safety concerns related to the pandemic, there would be a change to the format of this year’s board election and annual meeting.

There will be no in-person meeting this year, and the business portion of our annual meeting will be held virtually on Saturday, Oct. 10. Make plans to join us virtually! More details on the business meeting will be mailed to you and will be available in the October issue of our newsletter. More information about this year’s board election and voting process can be found below.

2020 Board Election

The 2020 Union Power Cooperative Board Election will begin on Sept. 7 and end at 5 p.m. on Oct. 7. We have contracted a third party, Survey and Ballot Systems, to conduct this year’s election in advance of our annual meeting. Instead of in-person voting, members will be mailed an election packet and instructed to vote by either mailing in a paper ballot or casting their vote on a secure site online.

Why should I vote?

Part of the value of being a member of Union Power Cooperative is the opportunity to participate in the annual election of our board of directors and choose our cooperative’s leadership.

When do I vote?

Voting will open Monday, Sept. 7, and close Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 5 p.m. EDT. Please follow the instructions for casting your vote included in the voting information packet.

How do I vote?

Members will receive a ballot by mail. Members who have shared an email address with the cooperative will also receive an electronic mail ballot.

Vote by Mail

If you choose to vote by mail-in ballot, you should return the ballot in the provided postage-paid envelope and send it directly to Survey and Ballot Systems. To ensure your vote is counted, please do not send in your ballot with your bill or bring the ballot to your local office.

Vote Electronically

Follow the instructions in your voting packet for accessing the secure online link and place your vote.

If you have not received an electronic mail ballot or a mail-in ballot by Sept. 21, please contact Survey and Ballot Systems by email at or call our office at 704-289-3145. To be eligible to vote, you must be an active member by 5 p.m. on Oct. 5, 2020.

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