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Plus Union Power’s electric vehicle resources September 2020
Plus Union Power’s electric vehicle resources
September 2020

National Drive Electric Week 2020 is Sept. 26-Oct. 4, and Union Power is joining a nationwide celebration to highlight the many benefits of driving electric.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have a lot to offer. They are fun to drive, with faster acceleration and a more responsive, zippy feel behind the wheel. Powering a car with electricity is cheaper than powering it with gas, so they cost less to run. Electric vehicles are also convenient. Most people charge their vehicles at home, which eliminates trips to the gas station, and they also tend to have fewer parts, which means less maintenance and no oil changes. They also contribute to a brighter environmental and economic future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting local commerce and tourism.

Union Power is taking steps to make it more convenient than ever to drive an electric vehicle. We are partnering with other electric cooperatives across North Carolina to build an electric vehicle charging network that allows EV drivers to easily travel throughout our state and visit co-op communities. This network includes the Level 2 charging stations we have installed at our corporate office in Monroe.

Drive ElectricCheck Out Union Power’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Resources

As your electric power and energy services provider, we strive to be your source of power and information — that means we want to ensure that members have the knowledge and tools they need to make decisions that will benefit them. And, since electric vehicles are rapidly growing in popularity and more members are driving electric, Union Power offers several resources to help make owning an EV convenient and budget-friendly.

We offer tools that will help members answer important questions, such as:
  • Is an EV right for me?
  • What is the difference between a Hybrid, Plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV), and Battery EV (BEV)?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of operating an EV?
  • What incentives are available when purchasing or operating an EV?
  • How can my electric cooperative help me?

An Electric Vehicle Calculator is one of many resources that allow members to compare their gas-powered vehicles with various plug-in and hybrid EVs to understand the difference in monthly costs and savings. 

Another helpful resource is Union Power’s NC Drive Electric Dashboard. This tool gives members a look into the bigger picture of how driving electric impacts their overall savings, the environment, and more! This site also provides information about special rates, tax credits, loans, and rebates available to electric co-op members who own and operate EVs.

Discover Electric Vehicles

In addition to these resources, our cooperative also offers special opportunities for loans, rebates, and rates to EV drivers, including ElecTel’s low-interest EV loan, a Nissan Leaf Rebate, and more. If you’re considering driving electric, please contact one of our energy specialists at 704-289-3145 for more information or visit our website.

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Visit Union Power's EV Resources

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