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Celebrating National Co-op Month October 2020
Celebrating National Co-op Month
October 2020

October is National Co-op Month, an annual recognition of the ways electric co-ops like Union Power are building a brighter future for our members and communities. Co-op innovation is at the center of these efforts, as we are constantly seeking new solutions and technologies to expand services, find efficiencies, and strengthen the electric grid.

Power no longer moves in a linear path from our cooperative to our members. Instead, cooperatives are coordinating a variety of energy resources distributed across the grid, including solar, microgrids, battery storage, and even smart thermostats and water heater controls. By implementing and coordinating these resources, Union Power is advancing the way the grid is managed to provide a higher level of service and value.

Consider signing up for or participating in one of these innovative grid programs:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Rate. Driving electric offers a number of benefits, including reduced emissions, exciting technology, and the convenience of plugging in to fuel up at home. If you drive an electric vehicle, check out our special EV rate to see if it could save you energy and money.
  • NC GreenPower. Union Power members can voluntarily donate in support of the development of renewable energy resources across the state. Donations will be used to add green energy to the power grid, support carbon offset projects, and provide grants for solar educational installations at K-12 schools.
  • Energy Usage Alerts. Did you know that you can set up alert notifications to make you aware of high usage on your account and avoid unwanted “surprises” on your bill? The Energy Usage Alert notifies members when their daily energy usage exceeds the dollar amount threshold that they have set up.

To sign up for these programs, or for more information about how cooperatives are building a brighter future for our members, call 704-289-3145 or visit

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