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November 2017
Dustin Fugate

Line Tech 4 Dustin Fugate clearing pines off of lines.

As we enter a month of reflection and thanksgiving, one thing at the forefront of our minds at Union Power Cooperative is how grateful we are to serve you, our cooperative members. Safe, reliable and affordable electricity is a daily necessity, and we are thankful to both power and empower our members and our communities.

Sign blown into tree

“High water” sign that was blown into a tree during the storm.

The recent storms demonstrate our commitment to our members and the communities we serve. Though our service territory was fortunate to be spared from the worst of Hurricane Irma’s wrath, our crews were deployed to the south to lend a hand to sister cooperatives dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Crews anxiously awaited their call to duty and were ready and willing to serve where they were needed.

It is this spirit of giving and serving that make us different. As a not-for-profit business, Union Power Cooperative’s core mission is service. And because our co-op is locally owned and operated, we live and work alongside our members. We share your sense of pride in our communities and are grateful for the many ways we can contribute to their success.

Pictures and cookies for our crews

Pictures and cookies our crews received from members.

We are also thankful for your commitment to our co-op—from taking the time to attend our annual meeting and electing our board of directors, to enriching our communities by choosing to participate in the business you help manage.

Thank you for being part of Union Power Cooperative and for your role in helping us live out the cooperative difference. We value your support and are thankful today, and every day, to continue serving you.

The next time a storm rolls in, make sure you and your family are ready. 

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