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4 easy steps to prep for higher temps April 2021
4 easy steps to prep for higher temps
April 2021

1Check for leaks around windows and doors. Fix any caulking that is cracked, caulk any areas showing gaps, replace any weather stripping that is worn, and weather strip any new areas that need it. This will help keep the warm air outside, where you want it.

2Check all registers and vents. As furniture gets re-arranged over the course of time, registers can be inadvertently blocked. Go room by room and make sure that there is clear space around each register and air vent, and that dust or pet hair isn’t interfering with air flow.

3Switch ceiling fans to counterclockwise rotation. Running a ceiling fan counterclockwise pushes air down and creates a cooling breeze. It won’t actually lower the temperature in the room, but it will make you feel cooler, allowing you to set the temperature higher while remaining comfortable.

4Schedule an HVAC tune-up. Air conditioner issues can develop over the winter, and won’t be evident until you turn it on when it gets hot. Getting your unit serviced in the spring will ensure that it will be working at maximum efficiency when you need it.

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