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Message from Brookes Versagi, Manager of Member Engagement and Communications August 2021
Message from Brookes Versagi, Manager of Member Engagement and Communications
August 2021
Brookes Versaggi

Brookes Versaggi, Manager, Member Engagement and Communications

As your co-op’s Communications Team, it’s our role to get the word out about Brunswick Electric’s programs, services, and events. It’s a serious responsibility and an honor.

Beyond providing reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost, it’s BEMC’s job to develop and offer programs and services that give you control over your energy usage and help you lower your bill. Options like PrePay Power, Time-of-Use rates, and demand response programs, such as Beat the Peak, offer you ways to control consumption. This makes member education such an important effort for the Communications Team. We want to make sure information about these programs is accessible and understandable across several platforms, so you can take advantage of the ones that fit your lifestyle. Finding new and better ways to inform you is a top priority for us.

Serving the membership through community involvement is a part of our culture. We’re proud to support chamber of commerce events, career days, agricultural festivals, and many other community celebrations. We’re excited that we don’t just provide financial support but are involved in the events that we believe in and our members believe in.

BEMC’s community involvement also includes offering programs to support our members, like Bright Ideas Education Grants, Scholarship Highway, Community Grants, and Warm Homes, Warm Hearts utility assistance. We’re proud of the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that our community exhibits and excited to share these opportunities with our membership.

Moving forward, you can expect us to communicate in ways increasingly convenient to you so that it’s easier than ever to stay connected with us. This includes outage texting and web-based solutions. And we’re growing our partnerships with local media in order to broaden our reach regarding all aspects of your membership.

You’ll also see an increased focus on internal communications. This is your cooperative, and we are committed to transparency. We believe the more transparent we are, the more confidence you will have in your membership. Additionally, we’ll be making a greater effort to share news across all our departments. It’s important to us that our employees are fully knowledgeable about what we do, because they share information with and answer questions from family, friends, and neighbors.

We aim for these communications initiatives to connect us more directly with our communities. We want to build bridges between BEMC, our members, the media, stakeholders, and more. And we hope to make some friends along the way, too. It makes our job extremely gratifying and we hope it serves you well.

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To provide our members with safe, reliable, affordable power at the lowest possible cost consistent with a sound economy and good management. We also work with other local, state, and national organizations to promote community and economic development.

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