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Message from Joshua L. Winslow, CEO/General Manager October 2021
Message from Joshua L. Winslow, CEO/General Manager
October 2021


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In the midst of a rapidly evolving energy landscape, National Co-op Month seems like a great time to emphasize how well and uniquely positioned we are to continue to add value to your membership. Technological advances with distributed resources, such as solar energy and battery storage, and demand response programs such as Time-of-Use rates and smart thermostats, are providing unprecedented ways for you to control how you consume energy. The cooperative model ensures that local priorities are at the forefront as we deploy these technologies, and that we achieve beneficial large-scale results through our statewide and national networks of electric co-ops.

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We know that creating value starts with understanding what’s important to you. No matter what’s happening in other parts of the country, we are positioned to maximize industry advances based on local priorities. Because we know that cost matters in any kind of transition, we’re being strategic in developing the most efficient and effective ways to facilitate the adoption of distributed resources.

Guided by these priorities, we’re leveraging the collective power of our cooperative networks to make sure we’re developing and offering you the best that technological advances have to offer. Just as North Carolina electric co-ops negotiate wholesale power purchases together for your benefit and are working together to make the most efficient use of the entire system, we’re collectively leveraging technology and scale to deploy demand response programs that will save you money. We also punch above our weight in employee training and education, and finance, through the strength of our statewide and national organizations.

It’s also important to note during National Co-op Month the role that our employees have in achieving our objectives. We’re positioned well to act on local priorities, excel in delivering new programs and services, and maintain the reliability you count on, because of their expertise and dedication. We’re attracting and developing top talent, and have some of the best in the industry working for you. Because cost matters, we’re benchmarking internal efficiency against other co-ops, and our metrics are improving compared to our peers. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of your investment; we don’t want to spend a cent more than we have to in achieving your objectives.

The advantages of the co-op business model become even more distinct in times of rapid change and opportunity. Our actions are based on local priorities, yet we can leverage the strength and depth of our cooperative networks to deliver world-class results. It’s the best of both worlds – it’s the cooperative difference. Thank you for being a member.

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