Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider an Electric Vehicle - Carolina Country
February 2022

1 Electricity is cheaper than gas. When you drive an EV your fuel costs are about half of what they would be driving an internal combustion vehicle, and the savings can be even greater thanks to super-off-peak charging rates. This can mean multiple thousands of dollars over the life of your EV.

2 Less maintenance. Electric motors have fewer parts; you don’t have to worry about changing oil or transmission fluid, spark plugs, fuel filters or drive belts. And brakes need to be replaced less often due to regenerative braking.

3 They are fun to drive. EVs offer instant torque so you can enjoy smooth and rapid acceleration and deceleration, and their low centers of gravity improve handling and responsiveness.

4 You might get a tax break. The Federal government offers a tax credit of up to $7,500 on some new EVs.

5 There’s an EV for every lifestyle. Families, commuters and those who use their vehicle for work will soon find a variety of trucks, sedans and SUVs available. And manufacturers will be increasing their offerings.

6 There are used EVs available. With prior owners having purchased them with a tax credit, they are more affordable on the used market, and there are lease turn-ins available as well.

7 Range anxiety is in the rear-view mirror. Battery technology has improved to the point that most all-electric vehicles can go 200 miles, and many can go more, on a charge. Even if you have a long commute, you’ll still have enough charge left for after-work activities.

8 There are more than 600 public charging stations in North Carolina. And the network is expanding. PlugShare, Open Charge Map and Alternative Charging Stations are three free apps that can point you to the one nearest you and can make planning in or out-of-state trips easy.

9 No more stopping at gas stations. With an all-electric vehicle, you can leave the house each morning fully fueled.

10EVs are better for the environment. By driving an EV you’re helping to reduce exhaust emissions. As you cruise silently, imagine how much quieter the world will be when everyone is driving an EV.

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