The Linemen of BEMC, in Honor of Lineman Appreciation Month - Carolina Country
April 2022

Southport/Oak Island District

FRONT ROW (left to right): Matt Wright, Matt White, Donald Holmes, Jeremy Beresoff, Isaac Waters, Corey Duncan, Sharyl Bellamy, Jonathan Long, August Kuigre, Will Babson. SECOND ROW: Adam Fulford, Jim Willis, Mike Sullivan, Mike Blue, Matt Wilkins, Isaac Stanley, Nick Wright, Bailey Hill, Bryan Gore, Richard Hill. ON TRUCK Trent Phelps, Jeff Green. IN BUCKET: Paul Gore, Mike Waite. NOT PICTURED: Jamal Moody

Dedication to the membership is second nature to the linemen of BEMC. They find another gear when the power is out, because they have a connection to those they serve. They work all hours of the day or night, in extreme conditions, so that power restoration times can be as low as possible. Missing family events is part of the sacrifice. It’s hard work that requires 7,000 hours of training, and not everyone can do it. They say you have to be “cut from the cloth”.

This commitment comes from the top down, because the leadership came up the ranks themselves, understanding exactly how much the membership was counting on them. It was their family, friends and neighbors they were serving, and doing the very best job they could, no matter the circumstances, was something ingrained in them from day one. And so the tradition continues, with exceptionally dedicated and expert linemen glad to be at your service today.


Supply District

STANDING (left to right): Aidan Crooks, Hunter Marlowe, Gaston Ward, Kyle Rigby, Steve Varnum, Benjamin Reynolds, Bruce Babson, Tanner Hinson, Brandon Frink, Benjamin Etheridge, Clay Stanley, Roy Stephens, Adam Faulk. KNEELING: Aaron Ward, Eugene Cartrett, Blaine Lawson, Jason Hammonds, Crishun Holmes, James (Fitz) Hall, Cameron Smith, Owen McDowell. NOT PICTURED: John Johnson


Whiteville District

LEFT TO RIGHT: Nicky Nance, David Norris, Rodney Lee, Justin Ward, Kevin Cartrette, Andrew Edmund, Gabe Davis, Andy Noble, Bryan Cross, William Godwin, Ervin Etheridge, Cody Buck, Ethan Watson, Jamie Keene, Chuck Nance, Noah Horton, Jimmy Conley, Jason Zokal, James Price. IN BUCKET: Elvis Cain, Jacob Gore. NOT PICTURED: Dallie Canady, Tucker Elliott

Working toward a brighter future for our members

In this decade and beyond, BEMC is working to provide a brighter future with powerful new services to our members and to strengthen local communities through innovative energy solutions, economic development, and community enrichment.

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