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June 2024

Paperless Billing gives you the same information as a paper bill. The only difference is how you receive it and how easy and convenient it is. But there’s more. Paperless Billing is:

  • Fast. With paperless billing, you’ll get an e-mail the day your bill is ready. No more waiting for your bill to be delivered.
  • Convenient. No more digging thru paperwork to find your bill. No more accidentally throwing out an important envelope.
  • Secure. Only you can access your monthly bills by logging into your account.
  • Simple. Your bill will be available to pay 24/7 any way you’d like – with SmartHub, by phone, by mail, automatic bank draft, in-person at our offices, or using a Bill Payment Terminal (BPT).
  • Stewardship. Saves BEMC from using 90,000 envelopes, 90,000 sheets of paper, and 24 trees each year.

Enrolling is Simple

  1. Log into SmartHub at
  2. Select SETTINGS from the top-left menu bar
  4. Slide the button next to your account to the right

That’s it – You’re Now Paperless!

Unable to access SmartHub?

If you are unable to access SmartHub, please call our Member Service team at 800-842-5871 and we will help enroll you.

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