Employee Spotlight: William Godwin - Carolina Country
June 2024
Amy and William Godwin

Amy and William Godwin

William Godwin joined BEMC in 2002 as an Apprentice 3 Lineman, spent years as a line foreman, and now serves as Construction Coordinator for the Whiteville District. Fun Fact: “I studied mixed martial arts in high school and for a time afterwards, and my wife had also studied with the same teacher. We were both almost blackbelts - now we’re only dangerous when we joke and play around the house!”

1You mentioned taking a cruise and another one in the planning stages?
My wife, Amy, and I went to the Caribbean, partly to see if it was something that our kids would like to do with us. We have five children, and we wanted to give the four youngest a cruise as a Christmas present last year. During our scouting trip, we took a shotgun course on scuba diving, off the coast of St. Thomas, where we learned hand signals, how to put our mouthpieces back in if we needed to, how to clear our ears out, everything. I went down 40 feet, it was amazing. We’re planning some great excursions for the trip with our kids.

2What do you like to do to relax after work?
Our youngest three are still in middle and high school, and they play basketball, baseball, and football, and dance and cheer, so we’re pretty busy, but I do love to fish in the lake behind the house, and catch and release some bass. For a while I was building and flying radio-controlled airplanes, with gas engines and 8- and -9-foot wing spans. I’ve had a drone since 2013, and one of my favorite photos I’ve taken is of a house, with a rainbow perfectly framed around it.

3You also enjoy hunting?
My oldest son and I like to hunt deer, turkey, and duck, and I process my own meat. My wife is health conscious, and was skeptical, especially about deer, until she saw the amount of fat that was not in the meat. You have to actually add fat when processing it. And there are no hormones, it’s clean. Did you know you can get 55 pounds of hamburger from one deer? We have hamburger, sausage and cube steak, and I do everything myself, even load my own ammo, so we know where it comes from. I love the idea of being self-sufficient.

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