April Manager’s Message - Carolina Country
From Don Hughes, CEO/General Manager April 2018
From Don Hughes, CEO/General Manager
April 2018

Electric cooperatives across North Carolina and the nation will recognize the many contributions of our linemen by celebrating Lineman Appreciation Day this year on Monday, April 9. 

Brunswick Electric appreciates its line technicians every day of the year, but this is a special day for co-ops to honor all linemen and crews. These employees do challenging and often hazardous work no matter the weather to maintain our reliability percentage of 99.92%; to keep the lights on more than 99% of the time.

At BEMC, our linemen are highly trained individuals who follow a six-year line progression from Apprentice I to Apprentice III to become Second Class Line Technicians, then First Class Line Technicians and Crew Leaders. These folks meet challenges as a team, a true brotherhood built day by day, trusting and relying on one another to get the job done. They are first responders whose jobs require intense training, skill, and commitment that is critical to the success of your electric cooperative. Our guys put service to others above all else; nothing interferes with their determination to do their tasks as expertly and safely as possible. It takes the teamwork of all BEMC employees, but we could not carry out Brunswick Electric’s mission to provide safe, reliable power without the dedication of our linemen. 

Our thanks go to their families as well. It is the families’ unwavering support and sacrifice we recognize as they wave goodbye to their loved one as he responds to a call in the middle of the night, or to make repairs during extreme cold or heat, not to mention hurricanes. 

BEMC’s management and directors appreciate the hard work and dedication our employees demonstrate every day of the year. Please join us on April 9 as we recognize the service of our line technicians and crews who go the extra mile to provide safe, reliable power at the lowest possible cost for you, the member, and the more than 93,000 meter locations we serve in Columbus, Brunswick and small parts of Bladen and Robeson counties. 

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