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June 2018

Solar-powered energy is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy today and Brunswick Electric receives questions regularly about our solar programs and how our members can use it to their advantage. Here’s what we offer:


The Community Solar program is just what it sounds like; it’s for the community as a whole. Rather than going to the expense and hassle of installing and maintaining your own solar panels, members can lease panels from one of two BEMC Community Solar farms. Members will receive a credit on their monthly bill for the output power generated by the panels they lease. This option won’t pay your electric bill for you, but it will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part in caring for the environment. Community Solar is especially ideal for renters and condo owners who are not able to install their own solar arrays due to property restrictions.


Brunswick Electric works with homeowners and business owners who want to install small solar arrays on their property. Through our net metering program these members receive retail credit for a portion of the electricity their panels generate. BEMC does not offer any special incentives for rooftop solar programs at this time. 


Occasionally a commercial entity will express interest in building larger solar farms in our service territory. While BEMC is not involved with the process of land purchases between these entities and land-owners, we are involved with determining the feasibility and connectivity to our lines. The cooperative will purchase electricity generated from these solar farms as required by law. 

Sunshine PowerSOLAR FAQ

Does BEMC lease or buy land from members to build solar farms?

No. BEMC does not buy land to develop solar farms. The only solar arrays BEMC has are two community solar farms and those were built on BEMC substation property by our statewide organization, NCEMC. 

I have land and I’m interested in installing a solar farm. What should I do?

Contact a third-party solar developer who would provide you with feasibility studies for a prospective farm. BEMC does not advocate for one solar developer over another, however we recommend you research all available options before selecting a developer. 

I am planning to add a solar array to my home. How does BEMC buy the power the array produces?

We give you credit through our net metering program for the power produced by your solar array that you don’t use for powering your home. For example, if you generate 30 kWh in a day and only use 15 kWh in your home that day, then you will receive a credit from us for the unused 15 kWh. 

Are there restrictions where I can put a solar array on my property?

Before installing solar panels you should review the Interconnection Process and Procedures document located on bemc.org under Energy Info. This document outlines the process you will need to follow to connect to our distribution lines. 

To learn more about these options and the requirements to connect a solar array to Brunswick Electric’s distribution system, visit our Rooftop Solar information page.

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For more information about our Community Solar program, call customer service at 800-842-5871, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or contact us online.

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