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Put our experience to work for you October 2018
Put our experience to work for you
October 2018

One of the most common questions we receive at Brunswick Electric is how to weatherize a home to be more energy efficient in order to save money on your monthly electric bill. So we asked one of our local energy experts, Nicky Nance, who handles renewable energy projects for BEMC, his recommendations. What can you do now to prepare your home for the upcoming winter? Here are some of his suggestions: 

First, grab a notepad and a pencil and take a thorough tour of your home, looking for leaks that allow heat to escape and noting the work that needs to be done. Inside, look for gaps in doors and windows, and behind insulation in your attic, paying close attention to cutouts in drywall for electrical fixtures, pipes, fans and outlets. Check around wiring, chimney vents, and air ducts for gaps. Outside, find and fill cracks and gaps in siding, windows and foundation. If you live in a modular home, check the underpinning to ensure it is tightly sealed. Smaller leaks in your home can be filled with caulk, but use pressurized expanding foam to close larger gaps.

Also, replace worn or missing weatherstripping around doors, and install a door sweep to stop drafts from coming into your home through an exterior door. Inside, put plastic film insulation on your windows to keep cold air out. Finally, consider installing a programmable thermostat to manage your home’s temperature when you’re not there. 

Some of these are simple fixes you can do yourself, but others are larger projects that may require outside help, such as inspecting your HVAC unit or insulating your attic. All of these may help you in the colder months.

Visit your local hardware store when considering any home improvement project. Not only can they show you how to complete many of these projects, but they can help you find the best solutions for your particular home that will provide you the most efficiency at the lowest cost. 

Do you have a question for one of our energy experts? Send it to and you may see it answered in an upcoming issue of Member Matters.

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