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Celebrating Lineworker Appreciation Day April 2019
Celebrating Lineworker Appreciation Day
April 2019

Monday, April 8, is Lineworker Appreciation Day for electric cooperatives across the country, a day set aside to recognize highly-trained line technicians for the services they perform around the clock in often hazardous conditions.

Whether there is ice on the lines, a damaging storm heading our way, or if they’re maintaining critical infrastructure to our electric system, our line technicians are always ready to respond at a moment’s notice to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible. Our line technicians are often called to assist other electric cooperatives with their power restoration efforts after a major weather event or hurricane.

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation is proud to honor the work of our dedicated operations team who maintain our 6,742 miles of line across our service territory.

Lineworker positions

New line technicians work their way up through a training and certification progression that takes place over several years. Once they reach first class line technician, there are other opportunities they can move into while still maintaining their lineworker certifications. Some of the positions held by BEMC lineworkers are:

  • Apprentice Line Technician I
  • Apprentice Line Technician II
  • Apprentice Line Technician III
  • Second Class Line Technician
  • First Class Line Technician
  • Line Supervisor
  • Substation/Transmission O&M Technician
  • Service Technician
  • Staking Engineer

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