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March 2020
Ceiling fan

When the weather grows warm, switch your ceiling fan setting to counter-clockwise to create a cooling downdraft.

1Embrace natural ventilation
In the springtime, you can often create a cross breeze that flows through the house. Open windows in the evening to flood the space with cooler air, and close them in the morning to capture the cool before the day warms up.

2Stay out of the kitchen
When you cook with an oven or stovetop you can end up heating the kitchen and adjacent rooms by several degrees. Save your AC from having to work overtime by grilling out or using the microwave whenever possible.

3Give your AC a tune-up
Consider scheduling an inspection and maintenance visit with an HVAC professional who can make sure your system is functioning properly. Routine maintenance can reduce its energy consumption by 15%.

4Invest in window treatments
Energy-efficient blinds, shades and films can drastically reduce heat gain during hot weather and cut air conditioning costs.

5Change the direction of your ceiling fans
If you had your ceiling fans set to turn clockwise during colder weather to create an updraft, now’s the time to switch the setting to counter-clockwise to create a cooling downdraft.

More Ways to Save Energy

Brunswick Electric offers many tools to help you save energy at your home or business. Check out our tutorials page for videos.

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