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Stay cool while using less electricity August 2020
Stay cool while using less electricity
August 2020

We all know that when you’re outside, a humid 90-degree day feels hotter than a less humid 90-degree day. The same concept applies inside your home.

The ideal level of relative humidity in your home is about 30–50% for good health and comfort. When it goes much above that, the “feels like” temperature is higher than the actual temperature, causing you to want to crank up the air conditioner.

A dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air in your home, making the air temperature feel cooler. Therefore, you can turn the thermostat up and remain comfortable. This saves more energy than is used by the dehumidifier, resulting in a lower energy bill.

Hygrometers and other humidity testing devices are available at drugstores and big box retailers for approximately $10. The benefits of having the right relative humidity in your home include a reduction in dust mites, allergens and mold, a decrease in instances of skin irritation and upper respiratory infections, and improved sleep quality. It’s also better for furniture, appliances and your home’s structure.

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