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A message to members from Corey Thurlow, Chief Operating Officer December 2020
A message to members from Corey Thurlow, Chief Operating Officer
December 2020

Research consistently shows that our members are interested in ways to control their energy use. At the same time, rapid technological advances are changing the energy landscape. Brunswick Electric is uniquely positioned to use these new technologies to develop member programs that give you flexibility in how you use electricity. Ultimately, these initiatives create partnerships that help you better manage your home energy use and assist us in making better use of the grid. I’d like to share with you some of the exciting things we’re working on to better serve you in the future.

We’re reviewing several opportunities for innovative, behind-the-meter initiatives designed to control peaks; these would give you the ability to lower costs and receive compensation for participating. Part of our three-year strategic plan includes assessing an expanded Wi-Fi enabled thermostat program, which has been successful during its pilot phase, and offering more ways to participate. Because battery storage technology will play a key role in the future of energy, providing flexibility and resiliency, our vision includes an inside-the-home battery pilot project that would be accessible to all members. These, and a water heater demand control project, are just a few of the ways we are planning to use technology for your benefit.

To prepare for these opportunities and increase efficiency during peak events, we’re investing in a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS), a hub that can manage enrolled programmable thermostats, inside-the-home batteries, car chargers, and water heaters. We envision a time when a large percentage of the membership has enrolled in multiple programs, managed through DERMS, and we are making maximum use of the grid and minimizing member bills. This combination of new technology incorporated into programs designed by our industry experts, and adopted collectively by the membership, will be very powerful.

Today, we are building a segment of the business that is designed to assist you personally, giving you advice on solar, batteries, thermostats and other behind-the-meter technologies as they currently exist. In the future, these Energy Advisors will also be assisting you with new programs as they roll out, helping you decide which one or combination will work best with your energy goals and lifestyle.


As always, call our experts anytime to discuss your energy related questions and interests. We have decades of experience, expertise with industry trends, and a strong desire to be at your service.

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