Wake Electric Has Money to Return to Former Members - Carolina Country
August 2018
August 2018

Because Wake Electric is a not-for-profit utility, when we make money beyond our operating costs, we return that money to our members in the form of “capital credits.” Because the formula for distribution is based on prior years of operation, often customers who are entitled to capital credits have moved and it is difficult to locate them. If the U.S. Postal Service returns a capital credit check to us, we make every effort to locate the person or business entitled to the check.

We maintain a list of people and businesses that have had their checks returned to us because their address is not correct. If you think you might be owed capital credits, contact Wake Electric.

Start by visiting our website to see the list of names at wemc.com. You can also reach Wake Electric at 800.474.6300, 919.863.6300, or email us at information@wemc.com.

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