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Important Update Regarding COVID Balances March 2021
Important Update Regarding COVID Balances
March 2021

Last year was different for all of us, and left many trying to make ends meet.

Following a moratorium on the disconnection of electric service from mid-March until July, South River EMC had to make a decision on how we would help members like you pay your bills.

Any member who had balances that accrued during that period of time had a special "COVID" account created into which the past-due balances were transferred.

Each member was given six months to pay the COVID account balance. However, due to on-going coronavirus issues, South River EMC has chosen to extend the payment of the COVID balances with some changes.

Beginning with your February bill, a quarter of the balance of your COVID account was transferred to your primary account.

This will continue through May. Therefore, you will have a quarter of the balance on each of your February, March, April and May bills. This provides those with COVID account balances additional time to get it paid. However, the transferred balance is ineligible for payment arrangements or extensions of time.

You can pay the COVID balance in full at any time.

If you believe that this process won't work for your situation, we can look at converting your account to SmartPay, our prepaid solution.


Please call 910.892.8071 with any questions or concerns.

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