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The latest tips from SREMC's Advise Guys June 2021
The latest tips from SREMC's Advise Guys
June 2021
Erin Gainey

"Advise Guy" Erin Gainey

The spring and summer months are always a fun time for those who enjoy warm weather. Many pool owners open their pools in the spring so it is ready to enjoy during the summer months. The thought of cooking out and lounging around the pool sounds great, but a lot of times pool owners forget the electrical cost they incur when running their pool pumps. The pump type, size and run time can make a significant difference in your monthly electric bill.

What pump size should I get? It is important that you pick the appropriate size pool pump. It’s not uncommon for pool owners to purchase larger pumps with the logic being that it will work better. This will cause the pump to move more gallons per minute (GPM) than is required. This only wastes energy and causes higher electric bills. An oversized pump can damage the internal parts of the pump as well as the filter. An undersized pump will not circulate the pool water properly. In return, it can cause issues with water quality and safety.

For both an above ground and in ground pools, you need to figure out how many gallons of water the pool holds. You can search online for a pool gallon calculator to help determine the amount. Once you have determined that, you need to figure out how many gallons per hour (GPH) or gallons per minute (GPM) you need to clean all of the water in your pool. These formulas may also be found online. Ideally, you want a pool pump that can filter all of the pool water in 8 – 10 hours. It is imperative to make sure all of the pool water is filtered at least once a day. This ensures water quality and safety. Keep in mind, the further away the pump is from the pool will impact the pumps GPH/GPM. You will need to factor in the plumbing when choosing a pump. Pipe size, lengths, valves and angles will need to be calculated for the best fit. Several tools can be found online to help with this. You can also contact pool pump providers or even pool companies to help you with these calculations.

Choosing a more efficient pool pump can save you money. The three you have to choose from are single-speed, two-speed and variable-speed pool pumps. The single-speed and two-speed pumps operate just like their names. The single-speed runs at one speed the entire the time. The two-speed allows the pump to run at half or full. When it runs at half speed, it filters the water more slowly. This, in return, means the pump is using less energy and the water is filtered better. The variable-speed pump option is the most efficient on the market. These pumps have the ability to operate at different speeds and can be programmed for your specific needs. They can help save you money, increase pool efficiency and prolong the life of all of the pumps components. Also, a pool pump timer is a great way to reduce this cost by reducing run time.

If you are in the market for a new pool pump, consider an Energy Star certified two speed or variable speed pool pump and start saving. To see if your pump qualifies, go to

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South River EMC currently offers a $50 rebate on a two speed or variable speed pool pump and motor. Eligibility, system requirements, restrictions and the application can all be found on our website.

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