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February 2024

The committee on nominations announced the submission of incumbent directors, as well as nominations of new directors for district 5 at a meeting of the board of directors on Jan. 2:

  • District 3: James "J.W." Simmons (incumbent)
  • District 5: Rhonda Autry and Dr. Ron Faircloth, both of Autryville.
  • District 7: C. Wayne Collier (incumbent)

Terms of office for directors are staggered so only three expire each year. The ways in which directors may be elected:

  1. By petition. Any 100 members of the Cooperative, acting together, may make nominations in writing, listing the nominees separately with respect to the particular term and the particular directorate district from which they are nominated, not less than 40 business days prior to the meeting.
  2. From nominations by a committee on nominations.

Keep your eyes open for a ballot in the April newsletter or a letter in the mail. You can vote online or by mail. More information soon.

2024 Nominating Committee Members

  • District 1 - Glenda Taylor
  • District 2 - Raylon Wood
  • District 3 - Joseph Anders
  • District 4 - Johnnie Baggett
  • District 5- Anthony "Tony" Warren
  • District 6 - Carol Hudson
  • District 7 - Warren Paul Jones
  • District 8 - Glenn Riddle At Large - Robert Earl Butler Jr.

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