Peace of Mind During Storm Season - Carolina Country
June 2020

South River EMC has partnered with Generac to provide a hassle-free, reliable standby power option.

What You Get for Your Investment

  • South River EMC members receive a seven-year warranty vs. the standard five-year warranty.
  • Special co-op pricing.
  • Automatic transfer switch.
  • Turn-key installation.
  • Access to financing through ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

Most installations are 16kw or 22kw. Interested in more information? Contact the Advise Guys at 910.892.8071 or email:

Take Action!

South River EMC has a series of programs designed to reward members for reducing their energy use or for installing solar water heating. Check our array of energy-efficiency programs to see if you qualify for one or more of our rebates.

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