Board of Directors Election Results - Carolina Country
July 2020

Thank you everyone for participating in the new election process for 2020. The results are in:

Flowers Sue SREMC

District 1: Kelly Harrington

Flowers Sue SREMC

District 2: Sue Flowers

Flowers Sue SREMC

At-Large: George Williams

As you may be aware, terms of office for directors are staggered so only three expire each year. The ways which directors may be elected are as follows:

  1. By petition. Any 100 members of the Cooperative, acting together, may make nominations in writing, listing the nominees separately with respect to the particular term and the particular directorate district from which they are nominated, not less than 40 business days prior to the meeting.
  2. From nominations by a committee on nominations.

As a member of the Cooperative you were asked to vote on the nomination choices, no petitions were made. We had 995 members participate in the May election with 418 votes cast by mail-in ballot and 577 members were cast electronically.

Once again, we thank you for taking the time to participate in the election process of your Cooperative and look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting October 8.

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