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Is your home prepared for hurricane season? September 2020
Is your home prepared for hurricane season?
September 2020

As we approach the thick of hurricane season, protecting your home from precipitation and wind is integral to being prepared for the next storm.

Consider air and duct sealing, improving your insulation, weather stripping, and caulking. Better insulation can help keep your home cool, and caulking and air and duct sealing can help prevent air and water leaks.

Insufficient insulation or leaks can pose many problems during hurricane season. Air can escape through the hidden leakage spots, and water can pour into your home through those same areas. And, if the power goes out amidst a storm, you’re going to want to keep the cool air inside your home. Taking these measures can save energy and money and help prepare you for storm season.

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South River EMC offers rebates to members who take these insulation and weatherization measures. For more information, visit or call 910.892.8071 x 2222

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