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Message to our Member-Owners November 2017
Message to our Member-Owners
November 2017
Cooperation among co-ops

Over the years, Tideland has been the beneficiary countless times of an important co-op principle: cooperation among co-ops. When disaster strikes, we know we can depend on our fellow co-ops to come when needed.

In September, we were on the giving end. Hurricane Irma produced the largest power outage in US history affecting 4 million people in five states. As part of the response effort, Tideland EMC crews traveled to Homerville, Georgia to help Slash Pine EMC restore power.

Our linemen were accompanied by several teams of men from our tree trimming contractor Lucas Tree Experts. We want to thank both the Tideland and Lucas crews for leaving their families to travel south and help those in need. We are also grateful to the members of Slash Pine EMC who took very good care of our crews and showed their appreciation in numerous ways.

We’re proud to be one of more than 900 electric cooperatives in the US. And it’s nice to know we all have friends in high places whenever we need them.

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